Self Support

Self-Support tower upgrades can include many different scenarios and can bring with them different challenges that must be managed. Let’s first look at replacing the existing steel. Often the angle is replaced with larger angle and you better know which angle to remove and when, or the integrity of the structure is at risk. All modifications that we do are analyzed by in house engineering to determine if temporary bracing is required. This insures a safe and sound upgrade. Flange jump plates and split pipe are also used when modifying a tower, and in these scenarios welding is often the best way to attach the new steel to the existing. Welding at 200’ in the air brings fire prevention to a whole new level, and fire suppression is critical. That is why we bring our mobile fire suppression systems to every weld site we do.


  • Angle Upgrade To Larger
  • Split Pipe To Fix Leg On Outside
  • Flange Jump Plates
  • Anchor Rod Upgrades

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