When modifying a foundation without disrupting service, Miro-Piles are often used. The process starts with placing lots of Micro-Piles around the failed foundation. These “min-caissons” are made from steel shafts that are drilled into place, and are surrounded during the process with pumped grout material. Next, a steel rebar cage is assembled into an excavated area surrounding the existing structure. Doweling then occurs which involves drilling into the foundation and then epoxying a steel bar into the drilled hole. Once this is completed, concrete is added to “tie everything in”. All this is performed while the site is humming along can be a challenge, and our expertise can help.


  • Mini caisson
  • Drilled with grout mix pump
  • Steel rebar cage in field
  • Tie everything in
  • Doweling into existing caisson
  • Epoxy to it

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