When Helical Piles are the right choice for modifying foundations, the biggest challenge you can face is rock. Because these piles are usually not surrounded by concrete, the drilling process can cause voids in the drilling shaft if they encounter rock. If this happens the Helical will not pass structural load requirements and thus the project will be put on hold. In order to avoid this issue, proper analysis of soil samples is a must so that the right determination can be made before construction starts. The Helical Pile solution is a good one, and is usually less expensive than Micro-Piles, but if recommended in the wrong soil situation it can be expensive. Our teams of experts can help guide you to make sure the right decision is made.


  • Dewatering
  • Rock is a problem
  • Soil samples
  • Only good certain for certain soils
  • Less expensive than micro-pile
  • Tie rebar field into new form

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